Companies we work with:

“Very intensive and challenging, well conducted. Trainer was extremely conversant with the subjects and vividly committed and willing to deliver the help I needed.” Nestor.

“Trainer was very enthusiastic and knowledgable. Cultural awareness course has brought to my attention the things that I will need to prepare prior to my assignment commencement.” Jeff.

“Thelma was enthusiastic and genuinely helpful. She delivered the program in a way that kept us engaged. She adapted the program to our specific needs. Learning about cultural concepts provided us with a good overview of culture and people’s behaviour. Good tools to recognize and manage culture shock.” Highly satisfied, would strongly recommend.” Trent.

“This program taught me to identify cultural differences before forming opinions (about the new culture)”. Would strongly recommend.” David.

“Trainer was flexible/adaptable to client needs and picked up on and addressed specific issues of concern to us, like housing and hijabs. This training gives you realistic expectations and prepares you to adjust yourself in the new culture.” Les.

“Thelma presented the course very well and she is very personable. I wish we’d had 2 days. She is also knowledgeable and clear, and fun!” Lucia.

“Highly satisfied with this program. The interactive approach was successful and answered a lot of issues for us.” Frans.

“Really, really relevant training for relocation. Would strongly recommend this program to others.” Del.

“A very good program. All of the program was very informative. It provides you with the tools to enjoy your assignment. Would strongly recommend.” Toyin.

“Contents (of the program) are invaluable and should be taught to all intending expats. Highly satisfied.” Raphael.