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Is your company’s productivity and bottom line at risk because of cross-cultural headaches or misunderstandings?

Global businesses realize that many business problems have their roots in cross-cultural misunderstandings and miscommunications. The inability to work effectively with culturally diverse colleagues, clients and suppliers, both at home and overseas, can lead to costly and time consuming misunderstandings and business failures.

Businesses with a culturally diverse workforce (and client base) face challenges from the differences in language, values and belief systems, business ethics, business practices, behaviour, etiquette and cultural expectations. Building cross-cultural rapport is vital to the success of your team and the success of your international business relationships.

  • Is your company opening an office in Canada? Need advice on how to successfully deal with Canadians in business?
  • Are you managing an international team based in different countries?
  • Do you work in a multicultural team?
  • Does your business work with overseas clients or suppliers?
  • Does your company recruit internationally trained and educated employees from different countries?
  • What strategies does your company have in place to minimize cross-cultural misunderstandings and avoid cross-cultural conflict?
  • Are your work teams suitably equipped to successfully integrate culturally diverse internationally trained and educated employees?
  • What is your company doing to ensure the successful settlement and retention of international hires (and temporary foreign workers) after you’ve invested heavily in their recruitment and relocation?

We can help! Talk to us today about your cross-cultural business challenges and we’ll tailor a solution to meet your needs.