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Globalization has made international business deals more common than ever. More staff are being sent on an international assignments, participating in global teams or working with overseas clients, colleagues and suppliers. Interaction with people from different cultures is now an everyday occurrence. Assignments can fail and lucrative deals can be jeopardized or lost when international associates or clients are offended by staff who are unaware of other countries’ customs, culture or manners.

The benefits of cross-cultural training are numerous. Your employees become more culturally aware and sensitive; this facilitates a more positive working environment and greater efficiency in your cross-cultural teams. Your employees are better able to understand the different communication styles of their coworkers and work with them more effectively as a result of their cross-cultural training.

We’ve delivered tailored training programs for assignees relocating to locations as diverse as – Algeria, Angola, Azerbaijan, Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, Libya, Norway, Oman, Trinidad & Tobago, USA, and the United Kingdom. If the country you want isn’t listed, don’t worry, we’ll certainly be able to assist you. We have over twelve years experience training and coaching the staff of companies, large and small, to develop intercultural skills and become culturally competent in a complex international world.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you and your company to get the results you desire.